Touch Bracelets - A PAIR
Touch Bracelets - A PAIR
Touch Bracelets - A PAIR
Touch Bracelets - A PAIR
Touch Bracelets - A PAIR

Touch Bracelets - A PAIR

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Nobody wants to be away from their loved one, but now you don't have to be! The touch bracelets allow you to feel your partner's taps from anywhere in the world, so no matter what distance there is between you, your hearts will still be entwined. Treat your loved one to the gift they will treasure for a lifetime. Whenever you touch your bracelet, they feel it - no matter where they are on the planet.

Our Touch Bracelets ship to Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden,  UK, Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and the US. 

Every time your loved one wants to let you know he or she is thinking of you, they just need to give a little tap on their screen and it will be sent directly to you from however far. This set comes with all you need from bond to have your own touch bracelets. Keep your loved one near you with these precious innovations that are easy and simple to use and set up. This comes with two bracelets, a charger and all necessary set-up equipment. All you need is your smartphone! We will issue full refunds, no questions asked until your bracelets are actually processed for shipping. Once shipped we will offer replacements for manufacturing defects only.

  • Item Type: 2 Touch Bracelets, 2 leather bands, 8 bracelet closure studs, 2 punch tools, 2 chargers 
  • What you need?: Need a Smartphone for the App
  • What's the purpose?: Every time someone touches it you feel it around your wrist
  • Rechargeable?: Rechargeable up to 5 days
  • Do you need Bluetooth?: Bluetooth allows your bracelets to keep in touch.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Chloe Lezienta
    Really good

    I have shopped at Lavandulas for a few months, and when they released these I bought them for me and my bf. They are PERFECT! so cute, so easy to use and pretty good price compared to other sellers. They are a must-have for couples and honestly just makes a bad day a good day when i feel those little taps on my wrist :) get one!!!! you won't regret it

    Super cute

    These were such a good idea for a present. A bit pricey, but cheapest price i could find. Work really well, look cute and love them.


    I just love this so much. They came after three days, and work so well, me and the bf love them!

    Aidan Koch

    very cute

    Luz Grimes
    A must have for long distance couples

    Okay ya'll so I bought these with me thinking they weren't really gonna work and they might just be cute bracelets that work once or twice but I was so wrong! These are just a must have for any relationship, near or far! I use mine basically every hour and they are the best thing we ever bought.

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